Dream and dream-work

Dreaming is such a strange activity that, despite significant scientific inquiry, no clear hypothesis about its purpose and function has emerged. Dreams, according to psychologists, are emblems of our inner aspirations. 

Other data suggest that dreams assist us in regulating our emotions, managing and consolidating our memories, learning new mental abilities, and working through the day's tensions. Dreams have a spiritual meaning as well. Some cultures believe that when a person dreams, their spirit leaves their body and joins others, either in the Spirit World. We also meet the deceased or on an astral plane where the dreaming mind or spirit can access. Other cultures believe that the spirit roams our shared reality's physical realm.

There are various viewpoints on the purpose and function of dreaming, and many people pay attention to their dreams. When we dream, our emotional centres of the brain are engaged and active. Since intuition and emotions are portals to our magical powers and deeper selves, it makes sense to pay attention to what dreams have to say. Dreams, like spellwork, are frequently symbolic. Keeping track of our dreams is the only way to determine if a dream about a green monkey playing the piano is significant or the result of too much cheese before bedtime. 

Our understanding of the patterns of messages transmitted from self to self, rather than single symbols, is what determines our comprehension. Keeping a dream diary is the most effective approach to track patterns. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed to jot down important details from your dreams whenever you wake up, whether it's in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Writing at least three words to remind you of a dream once you wake up can be a fun exercise in and of itself. Our brains don't spend much time remembering dreams, and we forget about them quickly. For a week, keep a pad and pen next to your bed and train yourself to write down three keywords as an aide-mémoire to aid your recollection. After a seemingly uninterrupted night's sleep, I've risen to find lines in my diary about a dream I experienced the night before and which I would have forgotten. To improve your memory, use this strategy.

It's crucial to keep track of the Moon's phases as well as your dreams. According to many magical practitioners, as we connect with the natural rhythms around us, specific components of nature's cycles drive our inner rhythms. This is never more evident than in our dreams. Women's cycles of ovulation and bleeding may also impact the types of dreams they have. Some men have said that they are similarly impacted by a female partner's cycle. Their dreams follow a similar pattern. 

I've always known that my most profound insights into magic and spirituality happen at Dark Moon. Therefore I trust that the messages from these dreams are actual signals from a deeper self rather than the consequence of late-night indigestion. Some people's dreams may be crazy during a Full Moon, whilst others may have their most meaningful spiritual moments in dreams during that era.

Dream symbology has generated an entire business dedicated to dream interpretation; several dream dictionaries claim to define and interpret universal meanings for specific symbols. However, distinct cultural and societal variables and individual experiences and perspectives are rarely considered. Symbolism varies greatly throughout cultures. We do not exist in isolation from these cultural meanings, and they are destined to impact us profoundly. Individuals socially ascribe psychological meanings to specific signals such as to scents, objects, colours, etc. While some people are gifted with the ability to see into other people's dreams, there are no absolute truths about all dreams or all dreamers. By observing the relevance of our iconography, we can build our dream dictionaries and learn a great deal about ourselves. 

You may have had the experience of being aware that you are dreaming while sleeping. This is known as lucid dreaming. If you do have lucid dreams, you'll have a rare chance to explore your inner environment. I keep meticulous records of my dream meetings with figures since I've discovered that these are frequently manifestations of my Higher Self.

Dreams can reveal spiritual truths as well as provide insight into mundane issues. They can, however, do more than disclose facts; they can also provide direction on how to put that knowledge into practice. The wisdom of dreams is found in our matured understanding of their meaning to us as individuals, not in dream dictionaries.

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