Divinely Enlightened Prayer Warrior

by Kimberley Sparacio
(Buda, Texas, USA)

Throughout my young years, I had never witnessed the paranormal. Only heard of ghost encounters on television or stories from friends, but never encountered any on my own. Short of being scared by the mirror playing with the Ojuigi Board only once, I stayed away from any negative games or witchcraft of any kind. My father was an atheist and, although my mother was brought up Catholic, she never practiced any belief in Father God or the Holy Bible. No sit down dinners, no nightly prayer. I was on my own. Creator sent me a friend, around the age of 7, named Diane Sanders. It is funny how you never forget some names of people that meant much to you. This began my spiritual growth and my knowing of Yeshua and God. Just a side note here: At the age of 8, I was baptised by a young, new pastor in Houston, Texas in 1964 by the name of Jimmy E. Jones (Jonestown). In 1992, my husband and I moved into a beautiful 3200 sf home in Morgan Hill, California. Within a year, we knew we were dealing with a haunted house. The complete story is amazing and scary, but not the topic today. Basically, I had to have a spiritual lady come and cleanse our home. I actively participated and learned about smudging with sage and in Jesus' name insisting the ghosts leave and go to the light. She took me through a visualization of white lighting the house......starting with under the house and encircling every nook and cranny coming slowly up to the attic and a bright white and turning blue light beaming out from the roof. Finishing with that purple/blue light encircling the whole house with a large holy cross above it. Like a wrapped package. I had to do this every day to keep negative spirits away. Not to let the pathway open again, also could not let anyone of our friends or family get drunk in the home because of one of the ghosts was an alcoholic in his life and liked this house. (It had a gorgeous wet bar in the family room) So we couldn't take the chance of a pathway being opened again.

This visualization I learned to do, I think is more powerful than I have ever realized. I have prayed for people to heal, get well, or tumors to dissappear. But I never have checked with those I prayed for to see if they have gotten better or if the prayer worked. I should have followed up. If I have a special spiritual gift, like talking to Angels, I have yet to discover it. I am a work in progress right now and I am excited to discover my gift. But fear that there is no gift for me. I will stay positive in anticipation.

The title, Divinely Enlightened Prayer Warrior, was given to me by spirit. I think many of us have this title!

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Jun 24, 2021
Thank you for your contribution...
by: Anonymous

Hi Kimberley, what an amazing story! I never had to deal with a haunted house, but have used visualization of submerging myself in white light when I do astral travel, and it has kept me safe.

And yes, prayer helps and empowers, even science proved it.

I hope you have more interesting stories to share, and if you want to talk about any of this on my YouTube channel, you can send me a message.

Lots of love and abundance,


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