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Tibisay Felida, Issue #001 -- Changes in website and purpose of this newsletter.
June 01, 2019

I am sending this newsletter to tell you about a significant change on this website and matching mailing list. When I first bought this website, I used it for my tutoring business. In the meanwhile, I transitioned my tutoring information to another site.

My tutoring business is now at, and I am using this site,, as my author site to give information about my upcoming novel.

Because of my transition, I now have a mailing list with subscribers interested in tutoring together with the ones who are interested in my writing.

I apologize for the mix up.

So if you have subscribed to my tutoring business newsletter, you can unsubscribe and go to I still do a raffle after every 50 new subscribers, and you can win a 10-hour tutoring package.

If you subscribed because you wanted to know about my upcoming novel, The High Priestess, you are in the right place.

In either case, thank you. You will hear more from me soon.

All the best,


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