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Tibisay Felida, Issue #001 -- Changes in website and purpose of this newsletter.
July 04, 2021

Hello and welcome again. Again because I have been using this website for several purposes. This website was my tutoring website. That info has been moved now to Then I started using this website for my fantasy novels. But because my novel writing is in Dutch, I moved that info to I decided now to use this website to display all my interest, with links to specific websites for particular aspects of my business. People who have just subscribed for my newly relaunched website: welcome. ;-)! This e-book is a little welcome present. Hope you stick around because there is more to come...

20 Things that will uplift you!

The ones who have been on my list since my first launch: thank you for your patience. The pandemic resulted in me having to reinvent myself and work hard to change my business model to still pay my bills without overcharging and becoming too unavailable for anyone who could use my skills.

So if you want to stay updated on my writing adventures:

And if you need help learning English, Spanish or Dutch, I am still available at

Thank you for still being around.

©2021 Tibisay Felida

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