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Too much fantasy does not exist, in my opinion. I had the idea of writing a novel for a long time. I was waiting for a topic I could use to pour all my imagination in. And that has happened. Since one year, I have been writing 'The High Priestess' in Dutch and plan to get it translated into English. In addition, I work as a tutor because daily life does not stop when you start writing.

My novel, written in Dutch, will appear by the end of 2019. The version in English is scheduled for 2020. To follow my writing process weekly, you can watch the videos on my vlog at Witchy Novelist 

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The story

My novel tells the story of Isis de Ruiter.

The 45-year-old Isis the Ruiter is the descendant of the infamous Alice Kyteler. Her mother is Irish, and her father is African Caribbean.

In this life, she lives with her husband Arthur and their daughter Diana on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. One day she comes into contact with Iris, her doppelganger from another reality. As a result, she discovers new secrets from her ancestors and the reality in which she lives.

Travelling with Isis means discovering an alternative life. A society in which love, romance, power and magic have a completely different meaning.

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